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Helping the Family Caregiver

Support, Strategies and Solace - When it's Needed Most

 A Presentation For Medical Staff, Hospice, and Health Service Organizations 

They�re thrown without warning or training into one of the toughest jobs on earth. Dealing with doctors, medications, patient hygiene, nutrition, and countless details of caring for a desperately ill loved one test the mind and body to the limit. Isolation, fear, confusion, and frustrations large and small chip away at the spirit. The caregiver shares the same challenges and concerns as the patient they�re caring for. But what can be done to help the caregiver?

Author and speaker Karen Twichell knows. She�s lost her mother, father, and brother to cancer. Her husband and two sisters are cancer survivors. Through her personal experiences, research, and hard work, she has become a highly respected expert in family caregiving. Her practical, step-by-step strategies will empower caregivers by taking the guesswork out of what to do next. She shares vital resources that connect caregivers with the information and services they need. And her personal stories inspire hope and gently reflect the deeply emotional and spiritual commitment millions of Americans make when they take over the care of a loved one.

Karen�s audiences will learn to help caregivers:

� Take care of themselves while caring for an ill or elderly loved one
� Organize and manage the process of caregiving
� Secure all available resources and assistance every step of the way
� Remain strong in the face of the often overwhelming emotional strain of caregiving
� Keep a treatment journal�a great way to reduce stress and improve services for the patient
� Find comfort and support from other caregivers

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Karen Twichell
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